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Fish Oil Causes Prostate Cancer

Fish Oil Causes Prostate Cancer

Fish Oil Causes Prostate Cancer

I know of no reason you shouldnt restart taking your fish oil supplements. The study involved, from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Wash., made headlines and snagged tons of sound bites, but much of the news coverage including that in medical publications didn't correctly represent the findings. Regardless of the sensationalist manner it had been reported, the study itself has serious shortcomings.

As reported, the research discovered that men who had high concentrations of omega 3s in their blood had a danger of creating prostate cancer that was 43 percent higher than guys who had the lowest blood levels of the fatty acids. Much more alarming was the finding that men together with the maximum blood levels of omega 3s had a 71 percent higher danger of competitive, potentially lethal prostate cancer than those with the best amounts. The research was published online on July 10, 2013, in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

The fats the research team focused on were plasma phospholipid fatty acids, which tell you that an person lately have fish or fish oil but dont actually give you a precise indicator of the long-term usage of fish oil supplements or a diet that features standard helpings of fish. Blood rates of the fatty acids will rise and remain high for four to 12 hours following just one dose of fish oil or a meal featuring fish. If you don't take in more fish or take another nutritional supplement, blood degrees of omega 3s will wash out in about two days.

The research discovered that the mean blood degree of plasma phospholipid fatty acids were 4.66 percent in the guys with prostate cancer and 4.48 percent in the healthy controls, a difference of not quite 0.2 percent. Thats a tiny difference where to base the proposition, as these researchers did, that omega 3s are called for in prostate tumorigenesis and that individuals who advocate that guys increase consumption of omega 3s should consider its possible hazards.

You may believe from hearing or reading the news the study focused on whether or not fish oil supplements as well as eating fish raised the threat of prostate cancer. But this study didn't really compare the cancer hazard of men who ate fish frequently or took fish oil supplements to guys who didnt eat fish or take nutritional supplements. Actually, the research workers provided no advice regarding consumption of fish or fish oil supplements from the guys in the study group.

Rather, the team looked at blood levels of omega 3s among guys who have been registered in the Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial (SELECT), a large National Cancer Institute trial directed at ascertaining whether either of these nutritional supplements alone or in combination lowered the threat of prostate cancer. More than 35,000 men registered in SELECT beginning in 2001. The writers with this recent study based their decisions on the evaluation of one blood sample from each of 834 guys in the research identified as having prostate cancer through 2007 and from a corresponding group of 1,393 healthy guys who participated in the SELECT study and were matched by age and race to the guys who developed the disorder. The blood samples were taken when the guys entered SELECT. Afterwards, the researchers added in 75 guys who have been diagnosed with high grade prostate cancer in the 8th and 9th year of SELECT.

Bottom line: this is apparently an ill-fated mix of questionable science, unwarranted judgments, and terrible media coverage. The nicely recorded signs for myriad advantages of high dietary ingestion of omega-3 fatty acids on both physical and mental health is really effective. 


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